All About Us!

Our Story

When Momma tells you “God gave you the ability to see things others can’t see” time and time again, you start to believe it.

Growing up in a small Missouri town, a Country girl at heart with a head full of imagination, Diana Carlyon-Stowers fell in love with textiles and fabrics at an early age. Piecing scrap material together, she created a world of her own by designing dresses for paper dolls and bedspreads for cardboard dollhouses.

As adulthood emerged, Diana designed for Neiman Marcus and Horchow creating one-of-a-kind designer Santa Claus’ and seasonal home decor. After over a decade in holiday-inspired designing, a dabble in interior design and a heartbreaking change of life, Diana was called to the quaint Texas town – Gruene. In 2008, she stopped at a “For Rent” sign in front of a charming property a few buildings down from the historic Gruene Hall. In February 2009 Diana moved in, and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Simply Detailed Boutique emerged.

“Our Texas-inspired brands and intimate customer service speaks volumes. We have a strong desire to make all women feel beautiful, without having to break the bank. We’ll give her the right outfit and she can conquer the world.” – Diana Carlyon-Stowers