Our Story

When Momma tells you “God gave you the ability to see things others can’t see” time and time again, you start to believe it.

Growing up in a small Missouri town, a Country girl at heart with a head full of imagination, Diana Carlyon-Stowers fell in love with textiles and fabrics at an early age. Piecing scrap material together, she created a world of her own by designing dresses for paper dolls and bedspreads for cardboard dollhouses.

As adulthood emerged, Diana designed for Neiman Marcus and Horchow creating one-of-a-kind designer Santa Claus’ and seasonal home décor. After over a decade in holiday-inspired designing, a dabble in interior design and a heartbreaking change of life, Diana was called to the quaint Texas town – Gruene. In 2008, she stopped at a “For Rent” sign in front of a charming property a few buildings down from the historic Gruene Hall. In February 2009 Diana moved in, and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Simply Detailed Boutique emerged.